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Hello, I'm 21 and from Germany. I absolutely adore Baccano and this blog is solely dedicated to this precious anime and the light novels <3

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“I don’t really care what you’re up to. Whatever it is, it stopped being a threat the moment I got here.”




luck totally not knowing how to take care of a baby bc hes the baby of the family so he never had any younger siblings to learn from

meanwhile dallas is just like “you’re fucking incompetent here that’s not how you hold a baby” bc he knows this shit

a rare moment when dallas knows what to do and luck is totally inept

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 ”Czes kept laughing despite the situation, and forced himself to his feet nimbly using only his knees. It seemed almost like he was mocking himself. Not the him of the present, but of the past.

The villagers were unable to hide their anxiety at this sudden development, but they knew he could do nothing with his arms bound behind his back, and that coupled with the arrogance that came from numbers held them back.

But then… Czes did something that none of them could have imagined.

"Yes, Elmer was right. I’ve been living in a blessed world! And I never even realized how lucky I was! How stupid. I’ve been throwing away the opportunity for a happy life all this time!"

And, having said his realization aloud…

Czes threw himself back, straight into the roaring fireplace.

As one, the villagers drew back unconsciously, wincing. Just when it seemed the flames would envelope Czes’s entire body… the rope binding his hands burned away, leaving both of his arms free.

Czes confirmed that his hands were unbound and stood up, fire still wreathing his form. Not all of his body was on fire, but half of his clothes had burned away to ash, and the rest was still roaring merrily on his limbs.

He turned his face deliberately to the villagers as half of it melted, showing the villagers how the flesh slid back into place.

Immortal or not, such incredible heat must have been unimaginably painful. But Czes merely smiled fiercely, paying the agony no heed.


     So freakin’ badass!

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