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Hello, I'm 21 and from Germany. I absolutely adore Baccano and this blog is solely dedicated to this precious anime and the light novels <3

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“I don’t really care what you’re up to. Whatever it is, it stopped being a threat the moment I got here.”

Episode [1/3]: Episode 6


So I just started watching “Baccano” and holy shit you guys if you haven’t seen it please watch it. There’s mafia and immortality and OTPs that become cannon and blood and… well… if I haven’t convinced you already.

There’s a train called The Flying Pussyfoot.

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airknight asked: Whenever I think of Baccano! pairings, I like to imagine them playing strip poker (how evenly matched or not they are is very amusing).


that’s beautiful

yeah except imagine keith and kate except keith is just. losing horribly in his underwear and kate has lost nothing. she is winning. keith sweats nervously


[BACCANO!【クレアとシャーネ】] by ksw

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