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Hello, I'm 21 and from Germany. I absolutely adore Baccano and this blog is solely dedicated to this precious anime and the light novels <3

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“I don’t really care what you’re up to. Whatever it is, it stopped being a threat the moment I got here.”
the-youngest-gandor-brother asked: "Ah, hello Miss Eve. I see you've been doing well?" [omg hello adorable eve roleplayer]


YOSH heyyyyy ]


Luck: Ah, hello Miss Eve. I see you’ve been doing well?


Eve: A-Ah! Mr. Luck…! How are you? I’ve been well these days! Just looking for Dal— I mean, looking for delicious pastries. They make them quite well here, don’t they? 

[ Ah.. Why is he here of all places?? ]

The mystery of Eve’s missing tea. Yes Luck, go back to your gangster hole.

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tiny carol for arumifurukawa !


Work in progress of my book cover assignment. I used an illustration from the novel as reference, hence why the interior doesn’t quite look like the anime. (I ended up taking some liberties with it.)

I gotta tweak some things but I think I’ll wait a bit and maybe discuss this with my instructor before doing anything.

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So you're still conscious, huh pal?
I guess I have to work on my right hook.
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I didn’t know where I was going with a question so scrapping this one. 1935 Eve.

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Anonymous asked: this question is pretty blunt, buuuut if i may ask how do you feel about the gandors? and the youngest one in particular. ;')


imageAh, the Gandor family? I have yet to meet each of them formally, but speaking with Mrs. Kate, I have an impression the eldest brother, Keith Gandor, is quite the mystery. He doesn’t seem to be a bad person, even if he is in the mafia — she speaks so fondly about him, you see…

Mr. Berga — I know even less of, though I had the chance to see him for the first time in the Daily Days. Such a large stature! He must be very strong.

imageAbout Mr. Luck. I haven’t had the chance to thank him or even apologize for my accusations that day. I said he was cruel, yet he showed me where Dallas was in the end and even saved my life.

I wanted to despise him, but now I don’t know how I feel. I…think I want to show him my gratitude somehow. Though he probably hates me. Still, I want to see him — and the other Gandors — find their happiness…


クレア ・スタンフィールド
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“And, most importantly. Szilard taught her the fact that he could easily kill her. Because, when creating her, he had also planted the fear of death deep in Ennis’s heart.”

Baccano!, 1930: The Rolling Bootlegs, The First Day (via queerangel)

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