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Hello, I'm 21 and from Germany. I absolutely adore Baccano and this blog is solely dedicated to this precious anime and the light novels <3

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“I don’t really care what you’re up to. Whatever it is, it stopped being a threat the moment I got here.”
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But have u ever thought about Jacuzzi and Claire? No? Okay


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maybe you could become a movie star, if you got along with them. wouldn’t that be cool?

"what do you think, miria?"
"it’s amazing, isaac! we’re allies of justice!

Favorite Moment [3/4]: Episode 9


immortalennis asked: ✖ TICK AND MARIA


  • Who was the one to propose: it was totally maria she probably slipped it in during like dinner with the gandors of something and tick just said “okay” and she was like “okay” and everybody else couldnt figure out why they were so nonchalant over a marrirage proposal
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: nahh they were so chill they probably had everybody come over and help decorate and then they smashed everything like an hour before the wedding
  • Who decorated the house: it probably isnt decorated it’s just like “can we put a chair there?? why not?”
  • Who does the cooking: maria chops the vegetables and tick gets to open all the bags with scissors and then they cook together (just imagine maria with a cutting board trying to chop up an apple or something with her katana)
  • Who does the cleaning: neither… luck probably comes over every once in a while and puts his foot down bc it is a complete mess
  • Who is more organized: nahhh probably tick
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: what like cutting up the sheets and then slashing the mattress to bits
  • Who suggested kids first: ehh… idk about this one